januari 23, 2014

Blog change

Hi! It's been very long since I posted here something. I see that my last post was almost a year ago!! O.o Well since then I made a new blog, and then I made it only for me to see, and then I started blogging again. And that is where we are now. But not on this blog. This one will be still online. But I won't be blogging on this one. Maybe when I change my mind, but for now it's sleeping.

If you are still interested in my blog, It's a little different from this one. But my new one is ; herjournall.

herjournall is a blog about 'everything I like, love and see'. And all of want I want to share with you.
Please visit, leave a comment, like it, follow it. And ofcourse have fun!

maart 25, 2013

Sushi time

[pro+pic.png] [pro+pic.png] [pro+pic.png] [pro+pic.png] [pro+pic.png] [pro+pic.png] [pro+pic.png][pro+pic.png]Models: Merel Veenstra, Josine van der Velde, Lian Kramer & Denise Koopman | Location: Kota Radja in Zwolle 
It's been to long! School is keeping me busy, like always. But last week I went with some friends from school to a sushi restaurant. It was alot of fun, and ofcourse I made alot of pictures. I really hope there will be a next time. :D

Also I'm trying to post more, but like I said school is keeping me busy. And the weather here isn't really good, it's freezing and almost no sun. It's already Spring! Sun, give me some heat please!!
I'm waiting. Till next time!