augustus 27, 2012


Stars! I was trying to photograph the meteor shower, but sadly.. i saw them but didn't get them on a picture. But it was really beautiful to see, and i have some pretty pictures of stars! Oh and a plane (second picture)! The last picture are the city lights we saw from our spot. Next time there will be a meteor shower i will try again. And maybe if i have time and a clear sky i can try to photograph the stars better.

augustus 26, 2012

Little pony

Models: Isabel, Elsa, Lisa, Nora and the three little pony's | Location: Terherne

This was after my trip to Germany. Me and my mom made a stop to visit some family.

augustus 25, 2012

Essen; Germany

Location: Essen, Germany

My shopping trip with my mom to Essen, Germany. It was really fun, bought a lot of pretty clothes, and made a lot of pretty pictures. ;)

juni 07, 2012


Model: Isabel de Jong and Nora | Location: Terherne

The photo's are made in my free time. The sun was shining and it was finaly warm!
I hope I can make some more free time to take pictures. So I can update my blog more often. School has been pretty busy so wish me luck. ;)

maart 31, 2012


Model: Carlijn | Location: Zwolle
This is for a small assignment for school. We had to make a picture for a children's story. The story was about an indian girl.

maart 02, 2012

Water Girl

Model: Kimberley Bleeker | Location: bathroom

Okay this shoot started out to be a shoot for my 'fairytale' photo's. But when I wanted to photoshop a mermaid tail... It didn't work. So I ended my shoot with no 'Little Mermaid' pictures. But I still had some pretty pictures. So here they are!

februari 29, 2012

Red Riding Hood

Model: Rowan Reiding | Location: Bos van Ypey

My first post with pictures! This shoot was an assignment for school. The theme that was given me was 'fairytales'. I choose to do Red Riding Hood and The Little Mermaid. (which will come tomorrow, if i get some pretty pictures).

And THANK YOU, Rowan and Kimberley for helping me with the shoot!


Welcome on my blog.

i started this blog because i was looking for a place where i could post my pictures on.
in the first place i didn't want to start a blog, because i always forget to update it, the same was when i had a account on tumblr for my pictures. (now i only use my tumblr for inspiration).
so i'm going to try it again with this blog.

so have fun, and if you have time comment! (maybe i will post more then?) 8D