Here a little view of all my camera's up till now. [pro+pic.png]

[pro+pic.png] My digital camera. A Canon 550D. The lens I use the most is my 50mm lens. But i also have a 18-55 mm kit lens and a 55-250 telelens.

[pro+pic.png] My Diana F+. I don't have printed any pictures yet from my Diana. But i'm trying to get the film full.

[pro+pic.png] My unknown Petri camera. This was a birthday gift from a year ago. The film is almost full.

[pro+pic.png] My Olympus trip 35 camera. I don't know if it works. It was a birthday gift from this year (020813).


[pro+pic.png] My two Polaroid camera's. Also a birthday gift from this year (020813). I really want to try these out, but the paper is so hard to get and expensive!

Okay I definitely go colect more camera's in the future. They just make beautiful pictures, the vintage camera's. So when I get new camera's I will place them also here.
Oh and the instagram pictures I make are taken with my Iphone or Canon. Most of the time with my Iphone.