februari 29, 2012

Red Riding Hood

Model: Rowan Reiding | Location: Bos van Ypey

My first post with pictures! This shoot was an assignment for school. The theme that was given me was 'fairytales'. I choose to do Red Riding Hood and The Little Mermaid. (which will come tomorrow, if i get some pretty pictures).

And THANK YOU, Rowan and Kimberley for helping me with the shoot!


Welcome on my blog.

i started this blog because i was looking for a place where i could post my pictures on.
in the first place i didn't want to start a blog, because i always forget to update it, the same was when i had a account on tumblr for my pictures. (now i only use my tumblr for inspiration).
so i'm going to try it again with this blog.

so have fun, and if you have time comment! (maybe i will post more then?) 8D