maart 08, 2013

Mango blue

[pro+pic.png] Jakcet: Mango, Scarf: Steps, Boots: Zalando
Okay finaly I can post my new outfitpost. I already had done the photoshoot, but sadly I became sick, and when I got back to school I had alot of homework to do. D: So I had do hold the outfitpost. I wanted to post it yesterday but blogger started to irritate me again, first it was only that I can't comment on posts, but now I also can't upload photo's! Now I had to do it through Flickr. But finally they are here! See you soon in my next outfit or any kind of post, later!


2 opmerkingen:

TheLittleWhiteBird zei

Nice! and you used the bike photo I see haha.

Kimberley Jade

Tea TimeDream zei

Yup :D you still want them too?