februari 21, 2013

All camera's

Hello! I updated my camera's page. Now you can find all my camera's I use or about to use for my photography.

Here a little sneak preview picture. Also I make alot of IG pictures, most of the time those are made with my Iphone. Ah and one camera is missing, it's my Lumix compact camera. But i'm not using that one anymore. Because I like my Canon and my analog camera's alot more now.

[pro+pic.png]I just noticed but my blog is almost a year already. I don't think that alot of people are following me, but i'm trying to make a little change in that. And I can't really celebrate my blog's anniversary every year, because it just happens to be February the 29th that I made this blog. So if I keep up with my blog I can celebrate it for real every 4 years. How much fun can you have in that. hahaha.

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Jessica zei

ik zag dat je Kim hebt gefotografeerd! (ik ken haar toevallig gezien ze in mijn klas zit haha) Love those pictures!
Leuke camera's heb je ook!
Ik volg je met bloglovin :)